experienced in success

We have built a team composed of international experts who have gained experience by managing the largest telecommunications projects (e.g. FLAG TELECOM - optical fiber around the world, and many others). Our team not only have the practical knowledge in the field of design, construction (offshore and onshore), development and connecting fiber optic systems, but also excellent knowledge of the market and mechanisms for selling services. We also have competence in regulatory and legal issues. Not without significance is the position in the industry built by members of our team during their careers, and as a result, extremely important and necessary contacts and relationships, needed to properly assess the feasibility of the solutions adopted.  
Definitely, our strongest side, in addition to the idea is the team we were able to create. 

We have built $4billion systems around the world and in GCC region for over 20 years: 
FEA (Flag Europe Asia) - UK, Spain, Italy, Egypt, KSA, UAE, India, Thailand, Korea, Hong-Kong, China, Japan
FNAL (Flag North Asian Loop) - Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Korea
FA-1 (Flag Atlantic 1) - US, UK, France
Falcon – UAE, Qatar, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Oman, India, Yemen, Sudan, Egypt
Hawk – Egypt, Cyprus, France
SNFN (Saudi National Fiber Network) – terrestrial transmission network covering entire territory of Saudi Arabia 
GBI (Gulf Bridge International) - Qatar, UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Oman, India, Egypt, Italy 

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