project chime

CHIME NETWORKS is the project of innovative, private and independent fiber-optic cable network, that will provide end-to-end high capacity link on the route, which is carrying 11% of total global internet traffic.  

CHIME NETWORKS is a game changer on the market in terms of transmission latency - approximately 30% improvement, which together with the most advanced hardware encryption technology and network architecture, will be the sturdy answer for the highest demands of global digital economy.  


It is designed to support specific needs of OTTs (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft), global stock markets (Far East – Middle East – EU), demands of blockchain technology and e- gaming market.  
Based on the CHIME teamʼs vast experience and know-how, the prepared model is giving confidence, that it will revolutionize the telecommunications market, both in technical and business terms.   
  • breakthrough latency reduction
  • high capacity
  • newest technology
  • highest cyber security standards
  • complete independence and neutrality

Międzynarodowa Transmisja Danychmiędzynarodowa
Światłowodowe Łącza Internetoweświatłowodowe
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